This page shows the films that have been shown by the Bedford Film Society in previous seasons starting from the 2005/2006 season.





Average score

2023/2024The Banshees of Inisherin - 15Ireland 2022 114minsExcellent:50%, Very good:29%, Good:9%, Average:9%, Poor:3% 4.1
2023/2024Are you there God it's Me Margaret - PGUS 2023 106minsExcellent:42%, Very good:26%, Good:29%, Average:3%, Poor:0% 4.1
2023/2024Living - 12AUK 2022 102minsExcellent:47%, Very good:33%, Good:20%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
2023/2024Broker* -12ASouth Korea 2022 129minsExcellent:16%, Very good:24%, Good:35%, Average:19%, Poor:5% 3.2
2023/2024Judas and the Black Messiah - 15US 2021 126minsExcellent:25%, Very good:33%, Good:30%, Average:13%, Poor:0% Comments3.7
2023/2024Lunana The Yak in the Classroom*Bhutan 2019 110minsExcellent:79%, Very good:20%, Good:2%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.8
2023/2024Utama*Bolivia 2022 87minsExcellent:31%, Very good:31%, Good:26%, Average11%, Poor:0% Comments3.8
2023/2024Official Competition* - 15Spain 2021 115minsExcellent:21%, Very good:26%, Good:32%, Average:5%, Poor:16% Comments3.2
2023/2024Grave Digger's Wife*Finland 2021 82minsExcellent:21%, Very good:43%, Good:29%, Average:7%, Poor:0% Comments3.8
2023/2024The Great Escaper - 12AUK 2023 96minsExcellent:50%, Very good:32%, Good:16%, Average:2%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
2023/2024She Said - 15US 2022 129minsExcellent:47%, Very good:40%, Good:12%, Average:2%, Poor:0% 4.3
2023/2024I'm Your Man* - 15Germany 2021 108minsExcellent:23%, Very good:61%, Good:16%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2023/2024Quo Vadas Aida - 15Bosnia 2020 101minsExcellent:57%, Very good:22%, Good:19%, Average:3%, Poor:0% 4.3
2023/2024The Beasts*Spain 2022 137minsExcellent:27%, Very good:18%, Good:43%, Average:10%, Poor:2% Comments3.6
2023/2024The Good Boss*Spain 2021 116minsExcellent:29%, Very good:41%, Good:27%, Average:4%, Poor:0% Comments3.9
2023/2024Marcel the Shell With Shoes On - PGUS 2021 90minsExcellent:13%, Very good:18%, Good:33%, Average:23%, Poor:13% Comments2.8
2023/2024Drawn to WarUK 2022 87minsExcellent:61%, Very good:30%, Good:9%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
2023/2024Cinema Paradiso* - 12Italy 1988 155minsExcellent:52%, Very good:29%, Good:19%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
2022/2023The Outfit 15US/UK 2022 105minsExcellent:28%, Very good:56%, Good:16%, Average:0%, Poor:0%4.1
2022/2023After love 12UK 2022 89minsExcellent:29%, Very good:26%, Good:41%, Average:3%, Poor:0% Comments3.8
2022/2023Drover's Wife 15Australia 2022 109minsExcellent:38%, Very good:19%, Good:23%, Average:12%, Poor:8% Comments3.6
2022/2023The Duke 12AUK 2022 96minsExcellent:41%, Very good:43%, Good:16%, Average:0%, Poor:0%4.2
2022/2023Parallel Mothers* 15Spain 2021 123minsExcellent:47%, Very good:25%, Good:16%, Average:13%, Poor:0%4.1
2022/2023Corpus Christi * Poland 2019 115minsExcellent:25%, Very good:36%, Good:28%, Average:11%, Poor:0% Comments3.8
2022/2023Nitram 15Australia 2022 112minsExcellent:0%, Very good:32%, Good:54%, Average:5%, Poor:8% Comments3
2022/2023Olga* 15Ukraine 2022 107minsExcellent:15%, Very good:29%, Good:41%, Average:15%, Poor:0% Comments3.4
2022/2023The Phantom of the Open PGUK 2021 105minsExcellent:31%, Very good:47%, Good:19%, Average:0%, Poor:3% Comments4
2022/2023Worst Person in the World* 15Norway 2022 128minsExcellent:15%, Very good:18%, Good:36%, Average:21%, Poor:9%3
2022/2023Ali & Ava 15UK 2022 94minsExcellent:8%, Very good:16%, Good:34%, Average:34%, Poor:8% Comments2.7
2022/2023Escape from Mogadishu* 15South Korea 2021 121minsExcellent:8%, Very good:38%, Good:41%, Average:11%, Poor:3% Comments3.4
2022/2023Bergman island 15UK 2021 113minsExcellent:4%, Very good:25%, Good:25%, Average:36%, Poor:11% Comments2.6
2022/2023Quiet Girl 12Ireland 2022 95minsExcellent:34%, Very good:36%, Good:23%, Average:7%, Poor:0%4
2022/2023Brian and Charles PGUK 2022 79minsExcellent:22%, Very good:44%, Good:18%, Average:7%, Poor:9% Comments3.6
2022/2023The Courier 18UK 2021 111minsExcellent:47%, Very good:36%, Good:16%, Average:2%, Poor:0%4.3
2022/2023Beanpole 18Russia 119 137minsExcellent:11%, Very good:25%, Good:43%, Average:7%, Poor:14% Comments3
2022/2023Hit the Road* 12Iran 2022 93minsExcellent:0%, Very good:26%, Good:28%, Average:31%, Poor:15% Comments2.5
2022/2023Cabaret 15US 1972 124minsExcellent:31%, Very good:42%, Good:15%, Average:8%, Poor:4%3.9
2022/2023Belfast 12UK, 2021 97minsExcellent:61%, Very good:19%, Good:19%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.4
2022The Father 12NZ, UK, France 2021 97 mins
2022A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood PGUSA 2019 107 mins
2022Apollo 11 UUSA 2019 93 mins
2022The Perfect Candidate PG*Saudi Arabia 2021 101 mins
2022Nomadland 12USA 2020 108 mins
2022Official Secrets 15UK USA 2019 112 mins
2022Sound of Metal 15USA 2019 120 mins
2022The first Cow 12USA 2020 116 mins
2022County Lines 15UK 2019 90 mins
2022Petite Maman U*France 2021 72 mins
2019/2020Can You Ever Forgive me   15Ireland 2017 114minsExcellent:30%, Very good:49%, Good:17%, Average:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2019/2020Cold War   15*Japan 2018 121minsExcellent:41%, Very good:27%, Good:25%, Average:7%, Poor:0%4.0
2019/2020Disobedience   15USA 2018 135minsExcellent:18%, Very good:47%, Good:22%, Average:9%, Poor:4% Comments3.6
2019/2020Shoplifters  15*China 2018 136minsExcellent:22%, Very good:29%, Good:35%, Average:14%, Poor:0% Comments3.6
2019/2020Blackkklansman  15Russia 2017 89minsExcellent:40%, Very good:38%, Good:19%, Average:2%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2019/2020Ash is the purest White   15*France 2014 113minsExcellent:8%, Very good:14%, Good:41%, Average:27%, Poor:10% Comments2.7
2019/2020The Guardians  15*USA 2018 130minsExcellent:23%, Very good:42%, Good:34%, Average:2%, Poor:0% 3.8
2019/2020Girlhood  15*UK 2018 101minsExcellent:2%, Very good:24%, Good:34%, Average:32%, Poor:7% Comments2.8
2019/2020Green Book   12Ireland 2016 115minsExcellent:78%, Very good:22%, Good:0%, Average:0%, Poor:0% 4.8
2019/2020Wild Rose   15Italy 2018 103minsExcellent:35%, Very good:36%, Good:23%, Average:6%, Poor:0% 4.0
2019/2020Maudie 12AUK 2017 95minsExcellent:63%, Very good:28%, Good:6%, Average:2%, Poor:2% Comments4.5
2019/2020Dogman  15*USA 2019 109minsExcellent:6%, Very good:24%, Good:31%, Average:20%, Poor:19% Comments2.6
2019/2020Apostasy  PGVietnam 2018 96minsExcellent:9%, Very good:23%, Good:40%, Average:17%, Poor:11% Comments2.9
2019/2020Beats  18USA 2018 93minsExcellent:15%, Very good:9%, Good:52%, Average:11%, Poor:13% Comments2.9
2019/2020The Third Wife 15*USA 2018 109minsExcellent:9%, Very good:15%, Good:43%, Average:32%, Poor:2% 2.9
2019/2020The Old Man and the Gun 12USA 2017 121minsExcellent:17%, Very good:24%, Good:46%, Average:11%, Poor:1% Comments3.4
2018/2019Three billboards 15 USA 2017 115minsExcellent:59%, Very good:28%, Good:10%, Average:2%, Poor:2% Comments4.4
2018/2019Death of Stalin 15 USA 2017 107minsExcellent:25%, Very good:32%, Good:13%, Average:16%, Poor:14% Comments3.2
2018/2019Crowhurst 12AUK 2018 103minsExcellent:5%, Very good:32%, Good:27%, Average:23%, Poor:14% Comments2.7
2018/2019Happy End 15 France 2017 107minsExcellent:2%, Very good:12%, Good:52%, Average:24%, Poor:10% Comments2.6
2018/2019A Ghost Story 12 USA 2017 92minsExcellent:6%, Very good:6%, Good:17%, Average:41%, Poor:30% Comments1.9
2018/2019Loveless 15 *Russia 2017 127minsExcellent:24%, Very good:32%, Good:39%, Average:5%, Poor:00% Comments3.7
2018/2019Florida Project 15 USA 2017 111 minsExcellent:2%, Very good:27%, Good:27%, Average:29%, Poor:15% Comments2.6
2018/2019Loving Vincent 12 UK 2017 94minsExcellent:62%, Very good:28%, Good:5%, Average:0%, Poor:5% Comments4.4
2018/2019Sweet Country 15 USA 2017 113minsExcellent:26%, Very good:42%, Good:29%, Average:3%, Poor:0% Comments3.9
2018/2019Duck Soup U USA 1933 68minsExcellent:16%, Very good:20%, Good:33%, Average:11%, Poor:20% Comments2.8
2018/2019Films Stars don’t die in Liverpool 15UK 2017 105minsExcellent:30%, Very good:42%, Good:22%, Average:6%, Poor:0% Comments4.0
2018/2019Hotel Salvation 12 *India 2016 102minsExcellent:24%, Very good:33%, Good:35%, Average:6%, Poor:2% Comments3.7
2018/2019The Children Act 15 UK 2017 105minsExcellent:54%, Very good:21%, Good:16%, Average:6%, Poor:3% Comments4.1
2018/2019The Breadwinner PG Ireland 2017 94minsExcellent:40%, Very good:40%, Good:15%, Average:6%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2018/2019Leave No Trace PG USA 2018 109minsExcellent:24%, Very good:44%, Good:25%, Average:6%, Poor:1% Comments3.8
2018/2019Lean on Pete 15 USA 2017 121minsExcellent:4%, Very good:22%, Good:51%, Average:22%, Poor:1% Comments3.0
2018/2019Wonderstruck PG USA 2017 116minsExcellent:5%, Very good:11%, Good:49%, Average:20%, Poor:15% Comments2.6
2018/2019Moonlight 15 USA 2016 11minsExcellent:24%, Very good:36%, Good:18%, Average:14%, Poor:8% Comments3.5
2018/2019In the Fade 18 *Germany 2017 106minsExcellent:31%, Very good:36%, Good:25%, Average:8%, Poor:0% Comments3.9
2017/2018Lion  (PG)Australia 2016 118minsExcellent:44%, Very good:30%, Good:16%, Average:10%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2017/2018The Commune (15) *Denmark 2016 111minsExcellent:5%, Very good:19%, Good:42%, Average:24%, Poor:`0% Comments2.7
2017/2018Hunt for the Wilderpeople (12)NZ 2016 101minsExcellent:43%, Very good:33%, Good:16%, Average:6%, Poor:3% Comments4.0
2017/2018Paterson (15)US 2016 118minsExcellent:8%, Very good:30%, Good:26%, Average:21%, Poor:15% Comments2.8
2017/2018Under the Shadow (15)Iran 2016 84minsExcellent:9%, Very good:32%, Good:35%, Average:14%, Poor:11% Comments3.0
2017/2018The Black Hen (12)* Nepal 2016 90minsExcellent:2%, Very good:9%, Good:49%, Average:29%, Poor:11% Comments2.5
2017/2018Sully (12)US 2016 96minsExcellent:51%, Very good:25%, Good:15%, Average:9%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2017/2018La Famille Belier (12)*France 2014 106minsExcellent:58%, Very good:36%, Good:6%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
2017/2018I Am Not Your Negro €US 2016 96minsExcellent:23%, Very good:23%, Good:41%, Average:10%, Poor:3% Comments3.5
2017/2018Manchester by the Sea  (15)US 2016 137minsExcellent:44%, Very good:31%, Good:12%, Average:8%, Poor:5% Comments3.9
2017/2018The Eagle Huntress €UK 2016 87minsExcellent:38%, Very good:46%, Good:14%, Average:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2017/2018Mindhorn (15)UK 2016 89minsExcellent:11%, Very good:32%, Good:23%, Average:10%, Poor:24% Comments2.7
2017/2018Frantz (12A)*Germany 2016 113minsExcellent:37%, Very good:38%, Good:22%, Average:3%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2017/2018The Olive Tree (15)* Spain 2016 100minsExcellent:40%, Very good:36%, Good:20%, Average:2%, Poor:22% Comments4.1
2017/2018A Man Called Ove (PG) *Sweden 2015 116minsExcellent:40%, Very good:43%, Good:13%, Average:2%, Poor:2% Comments4.2
2017/2018Fences  (12)US 2016 139minsExcellent:18%, Very good:30%, Good:34%, Average:18%, Poor:0% Comments3.5
2017/2018Graduation  (PG) *Romania 2016 128minsExcellent:0%, Very good:13%, Good:33%, Average:46%, Poor:8% Comments2.4
2017/2018Lady Macbeth (15)UK 2016 89minsExcellent:7%, Very good:37%, Good:39%, Average:11%, Poor:7% Comments3.1
2017/2018Berlin Syndrome  (15)Australia 2017 116minsExcellent:7%, Very good:12%, Good:46%, Average:20%, Poor:5% Comments2.6
2016/201745 Years (15)UK 2015 104minsExcellent:23%, Very good:33%, Good:25%, Average:16%, Poor:2% Comments3.6
2016/2017Rams (15)Iceland 2016 93minsExcellent:28%, Very good:37%, Good:30%, Average:4%, Poor:1% Comments3.9
2016/2017The Daughter (15)Australia 2016 96minsExcellent:15%, Very good:32%, Good:30%, Average:14%, Poor:10% Comments3.2
2016/2017Our Little Sister (PG)Japan 2016 128minsExcellent:24%, Very good:43%, Good:20%, Average:8%, Poor:5% Comments3.7
2016/2017Dheepan (15)France 2015 115minsExcellent:26%, Very good:31%, Good:27%, Average:11%, Poor:5% Comments3.6
2016/2017Everest (12)UK 2015 121minsExcellent:31%, Very good:31%, Good:23%, Average:11%, Poor:4% Comments3.7
2016/2017The New Girlfriend (15)France 2014 108minsExcellent:14%, Very good:23%, Good:41%, Average:16%, Poor:6% Comments3.2
2016/2017Mademoiselle Chambon (12A)France 2009 101minsExcellent:15%, Very good:26%, Good:45%, Average:13%, Poor:2% Comments3.4
2016/2017Hail Caesar (12A)US 2016 106minsExcellent:25%, Very good:21%, Good:19%, Average:27%, Poor:7% Comments3.2
2016/2017Spotlight (15)US 2015 128minsExcellent:63%, Very good:26%, Good:11%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
2016/2017Alice in the Cities (15)Germany 1974 110minsExcellent:12%, Very good:16%, Good:43%, Average:25%, Poor:4% Comments3.0
2016/2017Mustang (15)Turkey 2015 97minsExcellent:25%, Very good:37%, Good:33%, Average:6%, Poor:0% Comments3.8
2016/2017Love and FriendshipUSA 2016 93minsExcellent:23%, Very good:12%, Good:32%, Average:18%, Poor:15% Comments3.0
2016/2017Youth (15)Italy 2015 124minsExcellent:24%, Very good:22%, Good:27%, Average:21%, Poor:6% Comments3.3
2016/2017Julieta (15)Spain 2016 96minsExcellent:42%, Very good:24%, Good:27%, Average:5%, Poor:2% Comments4.0
2016/2017Embrace of the Serpent (12A)Columbia 2015 125minsExcellent:14%, Very good:21%, Good:36%, Average:19%, Poor:10% Comments3.0
2016/2017Victoria (15)Germany 2015 138minsExcellent:18%, Very good:21%, Good:29%, Average:15%, Poor:17% Comments2.9
2016/2017The Danish Girl (15)USA 2016 119minsExcellent:45%, Very good:28%, Good:18%, Average:6%, Poor:2% Comments4.0
2016/2017Sing Street (12A)Ireland 2016 106minsExcellent:40%, Very good:32%, Good:19%, Average:7%, Poor:2% Comments4.0
2016/2017Much Ado About Nothing (PG)UK 1993 111minsExcellent:38%, Very good:32%, Good:23%, Average:5%, Poor:1% Comments4.0
2015/2016The Lunch Box (PG)UK 2013 104minsExcellent:49%, Very good:37%, Good:13%, Average:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
2015/2016Still Alice (12A)USA 2014 101minsExcellent:46%, Very good:34%, Good:19%, Average:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2015/2016Leviathan (15A)Russia 2014 140minsExcellent:25%, Very good:23%, Good:34%, Average:16%, Poor:1% Comments3.5
2015/2016Whiplash (15)UK 2014 107minsExcellent:44%, Very good:26%, Good:15%, Average:13%, Poor:3% Comments4.0
2015/2016The Book Thief (12A)USA 2013 131minsExcellent:40%, Very good:43%, Good:14%, Average:3%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2015/2016White God (15)UK 2014 121minsExcellent:6%, Very good:18%, Good:33%, Average:15%, Poor:28% Comments2.3
2015/2016Selma (12A)USA 2014 128minsExcellent39%, Very good:41%, Good:16%, Average:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2015/2016Timbuktu (12A)UK 2014 97minsExcellent 21%, Very good:32%, Good:35%, Average:11%, Poor:2% Comments3.6
2015/2016Whisky Galore ( PG)UK 1949 82minsExcellent 40%, Very good:34%, Good:22%, Average:1%, Poor:3% Comments3.6
2015/2016Gone Girl (18)USA 2014 149minsExcellent 18%, Very good:3%, Good:38%, Average:8%, Poor:5% Comments3.4
2015/2016Frank (15)USA 2014 95minsExcellent 5%, Very good:26%, Good:29%, Average:23%, Poor:17% Comments2.6
2015/2016Good Vibrations (15)UK 2013 103minsExcellent 38%, Very good:23%, Good:25%, Average:12%, Poor:1% Comments3.8
2015/2016Les Combattants (15)France 2014 98minsExcellent 10%, Very good:30%, Good:37%, Average:23%, Poor:0% Comments3.3
2015/2016Birdman (15)USA 2014 119minsExcellent 7%, Very good:15%, Good:22%, Average:28%, Poor:28% Comments2.2
2015/2016West (15)Germany 2013 102minsExcellent 16%, Very good:34%, Good:44%, Average:6%, Poor:0% Comments3.6
2015/2016Force Majeure (15)Sweden 2014 120minsExcellent 12%, Very good:15%, Good:31%, Average:30%, Poor:12% Comments2.7
2015/2016The Connection (15)USA 2014 135minsExcellent 37%, Very good:37%, Good:14%, Average:8%, Poor:4% Comments3.9
2015/2016Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (12A)USA 2015 105minsExcellent 41%, Very good:28%, Good:19%, Average:8%, Poor:4% Comments3.9
2015/2016Theeb (12)UAE 2014 100minsExcellent 25%, Very good:37%, Good:27%, Average:7%, Poor:3% Comments3.7
2015/2016Brooklyn (12)UK 2015 105minsExcellent 55%, Very good:28%, Good:12%, Average:4%, Poor:1% Comments4.3
2014/2015Village at the End of the World* (12A)Denmark 2012 82minsExcellent:48%, Very good:35%, Good:16%, Average:0%, Poor:1% Comments4.3
2014/2015Blue Jasmine (12A)US 2013 98minsExcellent:41%, Very good:40%, Good:13%, Average:2%, Poor:2% Comments4.1
2014/2015Tom at the Farm*(15)France 2013 102minsExcellent:6%, Very good:15%, Good:27%, Average:17%, Poor:34% Comments2.1
2014/2015Locke(15)UK 2013 85minsExcellent:26%, Very good:22%, Good:30%, Average:10%, Poor:12% Comments3.3
2014/2015Fill the Void* (U)Israel 2013 90minsExcellent:12%, Very good:26%, Good:43%, Average:13%, Poor:6% Comments3.2
2014/2015A Field in England (15)UK 2013 90minsExcellent:4%, Very good:5%, Good:18%, Average:26%, Poor:47% Comments1.5
2014/2015The Past (12A)France 2013 130minsExcellent:26%, Very good:32%, Good:31%, Average:5%, Poor:5% Comments3.6
2014/2015Like Father Like Son* (PG)Japan 2013 121minsExcellent:38%, Very good:41%, Good:15%, Average:5%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2014/2015California Suite (U)US 1978 103minsExcellent:7%, Very good:27%, Good:30%, Average:19%, Poor:18% Comments2.7
2014/2015Nebraska(15)US 2013 115minsExcellent44%, Very good:31%, Good:22%, Average:1%, Poor:1% Comments4.1
2014/2015Blancanieves* (12A)Spain 2012 104minsExcellent:25%, Very good:40%, Good:27%, Average:8%, Poor:0% Comments3.8
2014/2015Calvary(15)Ireland 2014 100minsExcellent:45%, Very good:37%, Good:16%, Average:1%, Poor:1% Comments4.2
2014/2015Of Horses and Men*(15)Iceland 2013 81minsExcellent:16%, Very good:29%, Good:35%, Average:13%, Poor:6% Comments3.3
2014/2015The Selfish Giant(15)UK 2013 91minsExcellent:27%, Very good:27%, Good:37%, Average:5%, Poor:5% Comments3.6
2014/2015Wakolda* (PG)Argentina 2013 93minsExcellent:27%, Very good:30%, Good:36%, Average:5%, Poor:1% Comments3.7
2014/2015Wadjda* (PG)Saudi Arabia 2012 98minsExcellent:32%, Very good:43%, Good:20%, Average:3%, Poor:1% Comments4.0
2014/2015Omar*(15)Palestine 2013 96minsExcellent:30%, Very good:35%, Good:32%, Average:3%, Poor:0% Comments3.9
2014/2015Le Weekend(15)UK 2013 93mins Excellent:21%, Very good:26%, Good:29%, Average:17%, Poor:8% Comments3.3
2014/2015Elena*(15)Russia 2011 109minsExcellent:5%, Very good:20%, Good:31%, Average:37%, Poor:7% Comments2.7
2014/2015Lilting(15)US 2014 86minsExcellent:24%, Very good:36%, Good:25%, Average:14%, Poor:2% Comments3.6
2013/2014In Love With Alma Cogan (12A)UK 2011 99mins
2013/2014Beasts of the Southern Wild (12A)USA 2012 93minsExcellent:19%, Good:21%, Average:35%, Disappointing:22%, Poor:2% Comments3.3
2013/2014Rust and Bone*(12A)France 2012 120minsExcellent:24%, Good:38%, Average:25%, Disappointing:12%, Poor:1% Comments3.7
2013/2014Amour* (12A)France 2012 127minsExcellent:44%, Good:13%, Average:29%, Disappointing:9%, Poor:4% Comments3.8
2013/2014Broken (15)UK 2013 91minsExcellent:38%, Good:36%, Average:13%, Disappointing:11%, Poor:2% Comments4.0
2013/2014Paris, Manhattan* (12A)France 2013 77minsExcellent:23%, Good:33%, Average:33%, Disappointing:8%, Poor:3% Comments3.6
2013/2014Sightseers (15)UK 2013 88minsExcellent:20%, Good:30%, Average:28%, Disappointing:12%, Poor:10% Comments3.3
2013/2014Untouchable* (15)France 2011 112minsExcellent:72%, Good:21%, Average:7%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2013/2014A Hijacking* (15)Denmark 2013 103minsExcellent:25%, Good:41%, Average:28%, Disappointing:5%, Poor:2% Comments3.8
2013/2014The Deep* (12A)Iceland 2013 95minsExcellent:18%, Good:47%, Average:30%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:2% Comments3.7
2013/2014Red Dog (PG)Australia 2011 92minsExcellent:29%, Good:29%, Average:30%, Disappointing:5%, Poor:8% Comments3.6
2013/2014The Master (15)USA 2012 144minsExcellent:3%, Good:12%, Average:18%, Disappointing:28%, Poor:39% Comments1.7
2013/2014Beware of Mr Baker (15)USA 2013 100minsExcellent:30%, Good:34%, Average:23%, Disappointing:10%, Poor:4% Comments3.7
2013/2014I Wish* (PG)Japan 2011 128minsExcellent:18%, Good:25%, Average:33%, Disappointing:15%, Poor:8% Comments3.2
2013/2014Scarecrow (18)USA 1973 2012minsExcellent:16%, Good:33%, Average:28%, Disappointing:19%, Poor:4% Comments3.3
2013/2014Caesar Must Die* (12A)Italy 2013 76minsExcellent:25%, Good:36%, Average:31%, Disappointing:8%, Poor:0% Comments3.8
2013/2014Silver Linings Playbook (15)USA 2012 122minsExcellent:35%, Good:37%, Average:18%, Disappointing:9%, Poor:1% Comments4.0
2013/2014Reality*(15)Italy 2012 116minsExcellent:2%, Good:10%, Average:27%, Disappointing:35%, Poor:27% Comments2.0
2013/2014Barbara* (12A)Germany 2012 105minsExcellent:26%, Good:46%, Average:26%, Disappointing:1%, Poor:1% Comments3.9
2013/2014Frances Ha (15)US 2012 86minsExcellent:9%, Good:16%, Average:34%, Disappointing:28%, Poor:13% Comments2.7
2012/2013The ArtistUS 2011 100 minsExcellent:69%, Good:28%, Average:3%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2012/2013Las Acacias*Argentina 2011 82 minsExcellent:30%, Good:50%, Average:13%, Disappointing:6%, Poor:1% Comments4.0
2012/2013BeginnersUSA 2010 105minsExcellent:30%, Good:47%, Average:11%, Disappointing:12%, Poor:0% Comments3.9
2012/2013Potiche*France 2010 103minsExcellent:55%, Good:32%, Average:9%, Disappointing:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.4
2012/2013CarnageUS 2011 80minsExcellent:62%, Good:29%, Average:7%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
2012/2013The Kid with a BikeMexico 2010 82minsExcellent:31%, Good:50%, Average:16%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:1% Comments4.1
2012/2013The DebtUSA 2010 113minsExcellent:57%, Good:33%, Average:7%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:1% Comments4.4
2012/2013Sarah’s KeyMexico 2010 148minsExcellent:62%, Good:24%, Average:13%, Disappointing:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
2012/2013The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie*France 1972 102minsExcellent:20%, Good:34%, Average:25%, Disappointing:17%, Poor:4% Comments3.4
2012/2013Midnight in ParisUSA 2011 94minsExcellent:71%, Good:20%, Average:7%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2012/2013We need to Talk About KevinUk 2011 112minsExcellent:59%, Good:41%, Average:0%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2012/2013IncendiesCanada 2010 130minsExcellent:62%, Good:36%, Average:2%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2012/2013CoriolanusUK 2011 123minsExcellent:57%, Good:29%, Average:8%, Disappointing:6%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
2012/2013A Separation*Iran 2011 123minsExcellent:43%, Good:48%, Average:5%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
2012/2013Nostalgia for the Light*Chile 2010 90minsExcellent:36%, Good:39%, Average:11%, Disappointing:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.0
2012/2013The extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec*France 2010 107 minsExcellent:48%, Good:33%, Average:8%, Disappointing:8%, Poor:3% Comments4.1
2012/2013The GuardIreland 2011 96minsExcellent:59%, Good:35%, Average:3%, Disappointing:3%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
2012/2013The Source*Arabic 2011 135minsExcellent:59%, Good:41%, Average:0%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2012/2013Martha Marcy May MarlineUS 2011 102minsExcellent:7%, Good:33%, Average:16%, Disappointing:24%, Poor:20% Comments2.6
2012/2013Monsieur LazharCanada 2011 94minsExcellent:61%, Good:39%, Average:0%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2011/2012The Kids Are All RightUS 2010 106minsExcellent:36%, Good:43%, Average:11%, Disappointing:6%, Poor:4% Comments4.0
2011/2012Micmacs*France 2009 105minsExcellent:59%, Good:28%, Average:6%, Disappointing:6%, Poor:2% Comments4.4
2011/2012Still walking*Japan 2008 114minsExcellent:29%, Good:54%, Average:13%, Disappointing:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2011/2012Blue ValentineUS 2010 112minsExcellent:22%, Good:35%, Average:22%, Disappointing:15%, Poor:7% Comments3.4
2011/2012Winters BoneUS 2010 100minsExcellent:24%, Good:57%, Average:17%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:0% Comments4.0
2011/2012Abel*Mexico 2010 82minsExcellent:28%, Good:61%, Average:10%, Disappointing:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2011/2012The Secret in Their Eyes*Argentina 2009 129minsExcellent:76%, Good:23%, Average:0%, Disappointing:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2011/2012Biutiful*Mexico 2010 148minsExcellent:41%, Good:41%, Average:6%, Disappointing:10%, Poor:3% Comments4.0
2011/2012Black SwanUK 2010 108minsExcellent:42%, Good:30%, Average:10%, Disappointing:13%, Poor:4% Comments3.9
2011/2012Oil City ConfidentialUK 2009 104minsExcellent:73%, Good:23%, Average:3%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2011/2012ChinatownUS 1974 130minsExcellent:70%, Good:25%, Average:5%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2011/2012I Am Love*Italy 2009 120minsExcellent:34%, Good:53%, Average:10%, Disappointing:3%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2011/2012Chico and Rita*Spain 2010 94minsExcellent:51%, Good:36%, Average:12%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:1% Comments4.4
2011/2012Life during wartime*Italy 2009 98minsExcellent:12%, Good:36%, Average:36%, Disappointing:8%, Poor:8% Comments3.3
2011/2012Of Gods and Men*France 2010 122minsExcellent:69%, Good:28%, Average:3%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:8% Comments4.7
2011/2012Father of my children*France 2009 110minsExcellent:29%, Good:51%, Average:14%, Disappointing:3%, Poor:3% Comments4.0
2011/2012Norwegian Wood*Japan 2010 133minsExcellent:20%, Good:38%, Average:20%, Disappointing:14%, Poor:8% Comments3.4
2011/2012Oranges and SunshineUk 2010 ?minsExcellent:83%, Good:13%, Average:4%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.8
2011/2012Inside JobUS 2010 120minsExcellent:53%, Good:38%, Average:6%, Disappointing:3%, Poor:0% Comments4.4
2011/2012Another YearUK 2010 129minsExcellent:48%, Good:42%, Average:6%, Disappointing:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
2010/2011An EducationUK 2009 100minsExcellent:70%, Good:26%, Average:3%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:1% Comments4.6
2010/2011Frozen RiverUSA 2008 97minsExcellent:37%, Good:60%, Average:3%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
2010/2011A Serious ManUSA 2009 106minsExcellent:24%, Good:36%, Average:19%, Disappointing:19%, Poor:2% Comments3.6
2010/2011Seraphine*France 2008 125minsExcellent:55%, Good:38%, Average:7%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
2010/2011Samson and DelilahAustralia 2009 101minsExcellent:34%, Good:41%, Average:9%, Disappointing:13%, Poor:3% Comments3.9
2010/2011Mother*South Korea 2009 128minsExcellent:36%, Good:54%, Average:6%, Disappointing:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2010/2011Sex and Drugs and Rock and RollUK 2010 115minsExcellent:67%, Good:29%, Average:4%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2010/2011The Last StationUK 2009 112minsExcellent:67%, Good:29%, Average:3%, Disappointing:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2010/2011DoubtUSA 2009 104minsExcellent:57%, Good:33%, Average:6%, Disappointing:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.4
2010/2011MoonUK 2009 97minsExcellent:27%, Good:40%, Average:15%, Disappointing:13%, Poor:5% Comments3.7
2010/2011MGermany 1931 108minsExcellent:24%, Good:50%, Average:11%, Disappointing:11%, Poor:5% Comments3.7
2010/2011The White Ribbon*Austria 2009 144minsExcellent:49%, Good:37%, Average:12%, Disappointing:1%, Poor:1% Comments4.3
2010/2011Bright StarUK 2009 119minsExcellent:51%, Good:39%, Average:8%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:1% Comments4.4
2010/2011Vicky Christina BarcelonaSpain 2008 96minsExcellent:38%, Good:51%, Average:9%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2010/2011Hurt LockerUSA 2008 131minsExcellent:66%, Good:25%, Average:8%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2010/2011The Concert*France 2009 119minsExcellent:73%, Good:23%, Average:3%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2010/2011Il Divo*Italy 2008 110minsExcellent:16%, Good:34%, Average:22%, Disappointing:24%, Poor:3% Comments3.3
2010/2011Beyond the poleUK 2009 87minsExcellent:14%, Good:42%, Average:28%, Disappointing:13%, Poor:3% Comments3.5
2010/2011Tulpan*Kazakhstan 2008 100minsExcellent:23%, Good:59%, Average:17%, Disappointing:6%, Poor:1% Comments3.9
2010/2011Saturday Night and Sunday MorningUK 1960 89minsExcellent:65%, Good:35%, Average:0%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2009/2010Burn After Reading (15)USA/UK/France 2008 1 hr 36 minsExcellent:51%, Good:39%, Average:4%, Disappointing:6%, Poor:0%4.4
2009/2010Revolutionary Road (15)USA/UK 2008 1 hr 59 minsExcellent:33%, Good:52%, Average:13%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:0%4.1
2009/2010Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame (PG)Iran/France 2007 1 hour 21 minsExcellent:33%, Good:48%, Average:11%, Disappointing:8%, Poor:0%4.1
2009/2010Heavy Load (12A)UK/USA/Finland 2008 1 hr 31 minsExcellent:49%, Good:47%, Average:2%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:2%4.4
2009/2010Cherry BlossomGermany/France 2008 2 hr 7 minsExcellent:66%, Good:31%, Average:3%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0%4.6
2009/2010Gomorrah (15)Italy 2008 1 hr 37 minsExcellent:14%, Good:46%, Average:12%, Disappointing:16%, Poor:12%3.2
2009/2010Happy Go Lucky (15)UK/USA 2007 1 hr 58 minsExcellent:31%, Good:40%, Average:24%, Disappointing:3%, Poor:2%4
2009/2010The Age Of StupidUK 2008 1 hr 32 minsExcellent:40%, Good:40%, Average:11%, Disappointing:8%, Poor:1%4.2
2009/2010Great Global Warming SwindleUK 2007 1 hr 14 mins
2009/2010Fahrenheit 451USA 1966 1 hr 52minsExcellent:30%, Good:50%, Average:11%, Disappointing:9%, Poor:0%4
2009/2010Monsieur Hulot's HolidayFrance/USA 1953 1hr 53 Excellent:55%, Good:39%, Average:6%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0%4.5
2009/2010In Bruges (18)USA/UK/Germany 2007 1 hr 47 minsExcellent:73%, Good:26%, Average:0%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:1%4.7
2009/2010Waltz With Bashir (18)Israel et al. 2008 1 hr 27 minsExcellent:41%, Good:49%, Average:2%, Disappointing:7%, Poor:0%4.2
2009/2010Soul Power (12A)USA 2008 1 hr 33 minsExcellent:36%, Good:36%, Average:20%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:6%3.8
2009/2010Tokyo Sonata (12A)Netherlands/Hong Kong/Japan 2008 2 hrsminsExcellent:23%, Good:55%, Average:12%, Disappointing:8%, Poor:2%3.9
2009/2010The Class (18)France 2008 2 hr 10 Excellent:48%, Good:46%, Average:4%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:2% Comments4.4
2009/2010Let's Talk About The Rain (12A)France 2008 1 hr 39 minsExcellent:29%, Good:44%, Average:21%, Disappointing:4%, Poor:1% Comments3.9
2009/2010Encounters At The End Of The WorldUSA/Canada 2007 1 hr 39 minsExcellent:37%, Good:46%, Average:11%, Disappointing:6%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2009/2010Fugitive Pieces (15)Canada/Greece 2007 1 hr 44 minsExcellent:69%, Good:25%, Average:4%, Disappointing:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2009/2010Of Time And The City (12A)UK 2008 1 hr 14 minsExcellent:40%, Good:38%, Average:17%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:3% Comments4.1
2009/2010Frost/Nixon (15)USA/UK/France 2008 2 hr 2 minsExcellent:75%, Good:24%, Average:1%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2009/2010Britain at BayUK 90mins
2008/2009There Will Be BloodUSA 2007 158mins
2008/2009The Singer*France 2006 112mins
2008/2009La vie en rose*France 2007 140mins
2008/2009Kite Runner*USA 2007 128mins
2008/2009PenelopeUK 2006 104mins
2008/2009The Story of the Weeping Camel*Germany 2003 87mins
2008/2009The Last Mistress*France 2007 104mins
2008/2009My brother is an only child*Italy 2007 100mins
2008/2009It's a Wonderful LifeUSA 1946 130mins
2008/2009JunoUSA 2007 96mins
2008/2009Away From HerCanada 2006 210mins
2008/2009Diving Bell and the Butterfly*France 2007 112mins
2008/2009Michael ClaytonUSA 2007 119mins
2008/2009Lady Chatterley*Belgium 2006 168mins
2008/2009I'm Not ThereUSA 2007 135mins
2008/2009Valley of ElahUSA 2007 121mins
2008/2009Mountain patrol*China 2004 90mins
2008/2009Talk to MeUSA 2007 118mins
2008/2009Persepolis*France 2007 95mins
2008/2009The Orphanage*Mexico 2007 105mins
2008/2009The 60th birthday film - Great ExpectationsUK 1946 118mins
2007/2008Black Book*Germany 2006 145mins
2007/2008Page Turner*France 2006 85mins
2007/2008InfamousUSA 2006 110mins
2007/2008After the Wedding*Denmark 2006 120mins
2007/2008Cave of the Yellow Dog*Mongolia 2006 93mins
2007/2008Thank you for SmokingUSA 2005 92mins
2007/2008Volver*Spain 2006 121mins
2007/2008Tell No One*France 2006 125mins
2007/2008Little Miss SunshineUSA 2006 101mins
2007/2008The QueenUK 2006 103mins
2007/2008Pan's Labyrinth*Spain 2006 119mins
2007/2008Last King of ScotlandUK 2006 121mins
2007/2008Notes on a ScandalUK 2006 92mins
2007/2008The Lives of Others*Germany 2006 137mins
2007/2008PierrepointUK 2005 90mins
2007/2008Legacy*France 2006 77mins
2007/2008JindabyneAustralia 2006 123mins
2007/2008Belle de Jour*France 1967 101mins
2007/2008Half NelsonUSA 2006 106mins
2007/2008The Wind that Shakes the BarleyUK 2006 127mins
2007/2008Family Friend*Italy 2006 108mins
2006/2007Beat That My Heart Skipped*France 2005 107mins
2006/2007Hidden*France 2005 117mins
2006/2007Where The Truth LiesCanada 2005 106 mins
2006/2007Broken FlowersUSA 2005 106 mins
2006/2007Shooting DogsUK 2005 115 mins
2006/2007Kings & Queen*France 2004 150 mins
2006/2007CrashUSA 2004 113 mins
2006/2007Maria Full of Grace*USA Spanish 2004 101 mins
2006/2007The Closet*France 2001 84mins
2006/2007Mrs Henderson PresentsUK 2005 103 mins
2006/2007Walk The LineUSA 2005 136 mins
2006/2007Brokeback MountainUSA 2005 134 mins
2006/2007Goodnight & Good LuckUSA 2005 93 mins
2006/2007KinseyUSA 2004 118 mins
2006/2007Seducing Dr Lewis*Canada 2003 108 mins
2006/2007Kinky BootsUSA 2005 107 mins
2006/2007Bombon El Perro*Argentina 2004 97 mins
2006/2007Saraband*Sweden 2003 120 mins
2006/2007Match PointUK 2005 124 mins
2006/2007 Inside I'm DancingUK 2004 104 mins
2006/2007 Dr Jekyll & Mr HydeUSA 1920 67 mins
2005/2006Vera DrakeUK 2004 125mins
2005/2006Etre et AvoirFrance 2002 104mins
2005/2006Ae Fond KissUK 2004 104mins
2005/2006Downfall *Germany 2004 156mins
2005/2006My Summer of LoveUK 2004 86mins
2005/2006Goodbye Lenin *Germany 2003 121mins
2005/2006Finding Neverland UK/USA 2004 106mins
2005/2006Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindUS 2004 108mins
2005/2006Consequences of Love*Italy 2004 100mins
2005/2006Melinda MelindaUS 2004 100mins
2005/2006Look at Me*France 2004 110mins
2005/20065x2*France 2004 90mins
2005/2006Hotel RwandaUK 2004 121mins
2005/2006In My Fathers DenNZ 2004 128mins
2005/2006Lilya 4 Ever*Sweden 2002 109mins
2005/2006Twin Sisters*Netherlands 2002 129mins
2005/2006The WoodsmanUS 2004 87mins
2005/2006Million Dollar BabyUS 2004 132mins
2005/2006The Return*Russia 2003 105mins
2005/2006SidewaysUS 2004 123mins
2005/2006Edukators*Germany 2004 127mins