This page shows the films that have been shown by the Bedford Film Society in previous seasons starting from the 2005/2006 season.





Average score

2019/2020Can You Ever Forgive me   15Ireland 2017 114minsExcellent:30%, Very good:49%, Good:17%, Average:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2019/2020Cold War   15*Japan 2018 121minsExcellent:41%, Very good:27%, Good:25%, Average:7%, Poor:0%4.0
2019/2020Disobedience   15USA 2018 135minsExcellent:18%, Very good:47%, Good:22%, Average:9%, Poor:4% Comments3.6
2019/2020Shoplifters  15*China 2018 136minsExcellent:22%, Very good:29%, Good:35%, Average:14%, Poor:0% Comments3.6
2019/2020Blackkklansman  15Russia 2017 89minsExcellent:40%, Very good:38%, Good:19%, Average:2%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2019/2020Ash is the purest White   15*France 2014 113minsExcellent:8%, Very good:14%, Good:41%, Average:27%, Poor:10% Comments2.7
2019/2020The Guardians  15*USA 2018 130minsExcellent:23%, Very good:42%, Good:34%, Average:2%, Poor:0% 3.8
2019/2020Girlhood  15*UK 2018 101minsExcellent:2%, Very good:24%, Good:34%, Average:32%, Poor:7% Comments2.8
2019/2020Green Book   12Ireland 2016 115minsExcellent:78%, Very good:22%, Good:0%, Average:0%, Poor:0% 4.8
2019/2020Wild Rose   15Italy 2018 103minsExcellent:35%, Very good:36%, Good:23%, Average:6%, Poor:0% 4.0
2019/2020Maudie 12AUK 2017 95minsExcellent:63%, Very good:28%, Good:6%, Average:2%, Poor:2% Comments4.5
2019/2020Dogman  15*USA 2019 109minsExcellent:6%, Very good:24%, Good:31%, Average:20%, Poor:19% Comments2.6
2019/2020Apostasy  PGVietnam 2018 96minsExcellent:9%, Very good:23%, Good:40%, Average:17%, Poor:11% Comments2.9
2019/2020Beats  18USA 2018 93minsExcellent:15%, Very good:9%, Good:52%, Average:11%, Poor:13% Comments2.9
2019/2020The Third Wife 15*USA 2018 109minsExcellent:9%, Very good:15%, Good:43%, Average:32%, Poor:2% 2.9
2019/2020The Old Man and the Gun 12USA 2017 121minsExcellent:17%, Very good:24%, Good:46%, Average:11%, Poor:1% Comments3.4
2018/2019Three billboards 15 USA 2017 115minsExcellent:59%, Very good:28%, Good:10%, Average:2%, Poor:2% Comments4.4
2018/2019Death of Stalin 15 USA 2017 107minsExcellent:25%, Very good:32%, Good:13%, Average:16%, Poor:14% Comments3.2
2018/2019Crowhurst 12AUK 2018 103minsExcellent:5%, Very good:32%, Good:27%, Average:23%, Poor:14% Comments2.7
2018/2019Happy End 15 France 2017 107minsExcellent:2%, Very good:12%, Good:52%, Average:24%, Poor:10% Comments2.6
2018/2019A Ghost Story 12 USA 2017 92minsExcellent:6%, Very good:6%, Good:17%, Average:41%, Poor:30% Comments1.9
2018/2019Loveless 15 *Russia 2017 127minsExcellent:24%, Very good:32%, Good:39%, Average:5%, Poor:00% Comments3.7
2018/2019Florida Project 15 USA 2017 111 minsExcellent:2%, Very good:27%, Good:27%, Average:29%, Poor:15% Comments2.6
2018/2019Loving Vincent 12 UK 2017 94minsExcellent:62%, Very good:28%, Good:5%, Average:0%, Poor:5% Comments4.4
2018/2019Sweet Country 15 USA 2017 113minsExcellent:26%, Very good:42%, Good:29%, Average:3%, Poor:0% Comments3.9
2018/2019Duck Soup U USA 1933 68minsExcellent:16%, Very good:20%, Good:33%, Average:11%, Poor:20% Comments2.8
2018/2019Films Stars don’t die in Liverpool 15UK 2017 105minsExcellent:30%, Very good:42%, Good:22%, Average:6%, Poor:0% Comments4.0
2018/2019Hotel Salvation 12 *India 2016 102minsExcellent:24%, Very good:33%, Good:35%, Average:6%, Poor:2% Comments3.7
2018/2019The Children Act 15 UK 2017 105minsExcellent:54%, Very good:21%, Good:16%, Average:6%, Poor:3% Comments4.1
2018/2019The Breadwinner PG Ireland 2017 94minsExcellent:40%, Very good:40%, Good:15%, Average:6%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2018/2019Leave No Trace PG USA 2018 109minsExcellent:24%, Very good:44%, Good:25%, Average:6%, Poor:1% Comments3.8
2018/2019Lean on Pete 15 USA 2017 121minsExcellent:4%, Very good:22%, Good:51%, Average:22%, Poor:1% Comments3.0
2018/2019Wonderstruck PG USA 2017 116minsExcellent:5%, Very good:11%, Good:49%, Average:20%, Poor:15% Comments2.6
2018/2019Moonlight 15 USA 2016 11minsExcellent:24%, Very good:36%, Good:18%, Average:14%, Poor:8% Comments3.5
2018/2019In the Fade 18 *Germany 2017 106minsExcellent:31%, Very good:36%, Good:25%, Average:8%, Poor:0% Comments3.9
2017/2018Lion  (PG)Australia 2016 118minsExcellent:44%, Very good:30%, Good:16%, Average:10%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2017/2018The Commune (15) *Denmark 2016 111minsExcellent:5%, Very good:19%, Good:42%, Average:24%, Poor:`0% Comments2.7
2017/2018Hunt for the Wilderpeople (12)NZ 2016 101minsExcellent:43%, Very good:33%, Good:16%, Average:6%, Poor:3% Comments4.0
2017/2018Paterson (15)US 2016 118minsExcellent:8%, Very good:30%, Good:26%, Average:21%, Poor:15% Comments2.8
2017/2018Under the Shadow (15)Iran 2016 84minsExcellent:9%, Very good:32%, Good:35%, Average:14%, Poor:11% Comments3.0
2017/2018The Black Hen (12)* Nepal 2016 90minsExcellent:2%, Very good:9%, Good:49%, Average:29%, Poor:11% Comments2.5
2017/2018Sully (12)US 2016 96minsExcellent:51%, Very good:25%, Good:15%, Average:9%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2017/2018La Famille Belier (12)*France 2014 106minsExcellent:58%, Very good:36%, Good:6%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
2017/2018I Am Not Your Negro €US 2016 96minsExcellent:23%, Very good:23%, Good:41%, Average:10%, Poor:3% Comments3.5
2017/2018Manchester by the Sea  (15)US 2016 137minsExcellent:44%, Very good:31%, Good:12%, Average:8%, Poor:5% Comments3.9
2017/2018The Eagle Huntress €UK 2016 87minsExcellent:38%, Very good:46%, Good:14%, Average:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2017/2018Mindhorn (15)UK 2016 89minsExcellent:11%, Very good:32%, Good:23%, Average:10%, Poor:24% Comments2.7
2017/2018Frantz (12A)*Germany 2016 113minsExcellent:37%, Very good:38%, Good:22%, Average:3%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2017/2018The Olive Tree (15)* Spain 2016 100minsExcellent:40%, Very good:36%, Good:20%, Average:2%, Poor:22% Comments4.1
2017/2018A Man Called Ove (PG) *Sweden 2015 116minsExcellent:40%, Very good:43%, Good:13%, Average:2%, Poor:2% Comments4.2
2017/2018Fences  (12)US 2016 139minsExcellent:18%, Very good:30%, Good:34%, Average:18%, Poor:0% Comments3.5
2017/2018Graduation  (PG) *Romania 2016 128minsExcellent:0%, Very good:13%, Good:33%, Average:46%, Poor:8% Comments2.4
2017/2018Lady Macbeth (15)UK 2016 89minsExcellent:7%, Very good:37%, Good:39%, Average:11%, Poor:7% Comments3.1
2017/2018Berlin Syndrome  (15)Australia 2017 116minsExcellent:7%, Very good:12%, Good:46%, Average:20%, Poor:5% Comments2.6
2016/201745 Years (15)UK 2015 104minsExcellent:23%, Very good:33%, Good:25%, Average:16%, Poor:2% Comments3.6
2016/2017Rams (15)Iceland 2016 93minsExcellent:28%, Very good:37%, Good:30%, Average:4%, Poor:1% Comments3.9
2016/2017The Daughter (15)Australia 2016 96minsExcellent:15%, Very good:32%, Good:30%, Average:14%, Poor:10% Comments3.2
2016/2017Our Little Sister (PG)Japan 2016 128minsExcellent:24%, Very good:43%, Good:20%, Average:8%, Poor:5% Comments3.7
2016/2017Dheepan (15)France 2015 115minsExcellent:26%, Very good:31%, Good:27%, Average:11%, Poor:5% Comments3.6
2016/2017Everest (12)UK 2015 121minsExcellent:31%, Very good:31%, Good:23%, Average:11%, Poor:4% Comments3.7
2016/2017The New Girlfriend (15)France 2014 108minsExcellent:14%, Very good:23%, Good:41%, Average:16%, Poor:6% Comments3.2
2016/2017Mademoiselle Chambon (12A)France 2009 101minsExcellent:15%, Very good:26%, Good:45%, Average:13%, Poor:2% Comments3.4
2016/2017Hail Caesar (12A)US 2016 106minsExcellent:25%, Very good:21%, Good:19%, Average:27%, Poor:7% Comments3.2
2016/2017Spotlight (15)US 2015 128minsExcellent:63%, Very good:26%, Good:11%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
2016/2017Alice in the Cities (15)Germany 1974 110minsExcellent:12%, Very good:16%, Good:43%, Average:25%, Poor:4% Comments3.0
2016/2017Mustang (15)Turkey 2015 97minsExcellent:25%, Very good:37%, Good:33%, Average:6%, Poor:0% Comments3.8
2016/2017Love and FriendshipUSA 2016 93minsExcellent:23%, Very good:12%, Good:32%, Average:18%, Poor:15% Comments3.0
2016/2017Youth (15)Italy 2015 124minsExcellent:24%, Very good:22%, Good:27%, Average:21%, Poor:6% Comments3.3
2016/2017Julieta (15)Spain 2016 96minsExcellent:42%, Very good:24%, Good:27%, Average:5%, Poor:2% Comments4.0
2016/2017Embrace of the Serpent (12A)Columbia 2015 125minsExcellent:14%, Very good:21%, Good:36%, Average:19%, Poor:10% Comments3.0
2016/2017Victoria (15)Germany 2015 138minsExcellent:18%, Very good:21%, Good:29%, Average:15%, Poor:17% Comments2.9
2016/2017The Danish Girl (15)USA 2016 119minsExcellent:45%, Very good:28%, Good:18%, Average:6%, Poor:2% Comments4.0
2016/2017Sing Street (12A)Ireland 2016 106minsExcellent:40%, Very good:32%, Good:19%, Average:7%, Poor:2% Comments4.0
2016/2017Much Ado About Nothing (PG)UK 1993 111minsExcellent:38%, Very good:32%, Good:23%, Average:5%, Poor:1% Comments4.0
2015/2016The Lunch Box (PG)UK 2013 104minsExcellent:49%, Very good:37%, Good:13%, Average:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
2015/2016Still Alice (12A)USA 2014 101minsExcellent:46%, Very good:34%, Good:19%, Average:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2015/2016Leviathan (15A)Russia 2014 140minsExcellent:25%, Very good:23%, Good:34%, Average:16%, Poor:1% Comments3.5
2015/2016Whiplash (15)UK 2014 107minsExcellent:44%, Very good:26%, Good:15%, Average:13%, Poor:3% Comments4.0
2015/2016The Book Thief (12A)USA 2013 131minsExcellent:40%, Very good:43%, Good:14%, Average:3%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2015/2016White God (15)UK 2014 121minsExcellent:6%, Very good:18%, Good:33%, Average:15%, Poor:28% Comments2.3
2015/2016Selma (12A)USA 2014 128minsExcellent39%, Very good:41%, Good:16%, Average:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2015/2016Timbuktu (12A)UK 2014 97minsExcellent 21%, Very good:32%, Good:35%, Average:11%, Poor:2% Comments3.6
2015/2016Whisky Galore ( PG)UK 1949 82minsExcellent 40%, Very good:34%, Good:22%, Average:1%, Poor:3% Comments3.6
2015/2016Gone Girl (18)USA 2014 149minsExcellent 18%, Very good:3%, Good:38%, Average:8%, Poor:5% Comments3.4
2015/2016Frank (15)USA 2014 95minsExcellent 5%, Very good:26%, Good:29%, Average:23%, Poor:17% Comments2.6
2015/2016Good Vibrations (15)UK 2013 103minsExcellent 38%, Very good:23%, Good:25%, Average:12%, Poor:1% Comments3.8
2015/2016Les Combattants (15)France 2014 98minsExcellent 10%, Very good:30%, Good:37%, Average:23%, Poor:0% Comments3.3
2015/2016Birdman (15)USA 2014 119minsExcellent 7%, Very good:15%, Good:22%, Average:28%, Poor:28% Comments2.2
2015/2016West (15)Germany 2013 102minsExcellent 16%, Very good:34%, Good:44%, Average:6%, Poor:0% Comments3.6
2015/2016Force Majeure (15)Sweden 2014 120minsExcellent 12%, Very good:15%, Good:31%, Average:30%, Poor:12% Comments2.7
2015/2016The Connection (15)USA 2014 135minsExcellent 37%, Very good:37%, Good:14%, Average:8%, Poor:4% Comments3.9
2015/2016Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (12A)USA 2015 105minsExcellent 41%, Very good:28%, Good:19%, Average:8%, Poor:4% Comments3.9
2015/2016Theeb (12)UAE 2014 100minsExcellent 25%, Very good:37%, Good:27%, Average:7%, Poor:3% Comments3.7
2015/2016Brooklyn (12)UK 2015 105minsExcellent 55%, Very good:28%, Good:12%, Average:4%, Poor:1% Comments4.3
2014/2015Village at the End of the World* (12A)Denmark 2012 82minsExcellent:48%, Very good:35%, Good:16%, Average:0%, Poor:1% Comments4.3
2014/2015Blue Jasmine (12A)US 2013 98minsExcellent:41%, Very good:40%, Good:13%, Average:2%, Poor:2% Comments4.1
2014/2015Tom at the Farm*(15)France 2013 102minsExcellent:6%, Very good:15%, Good:27%, Average:17%, Poor:34% Comments2.1
2014/2015Locke(15)UK 2013 85minsExcellent:26%, Very good:22%, Good:30%, Average:10%, Poor:12% Comments3.3
2014/2015Fill the Void* (U)Israel 2013 90minsExcellent:12%, Very good:26%, Good:43%, Average:13%, Poor:6% Comments3.2
2014/2015A Field in England (15)UK 2013 90minsExcellent:4%, Very good:5%, Good:18%, Average:26%, Poor:47% Comments1.5
2014/2015The Past (12A)France 2013 130minsExcellent:26%, Very good:32%, Good:31%, Average:5%, Poor:5% Comments3.6
2014/2015Like Father Like Son* (PG)Japan 2013 121minsExcellent:38%, Very good:41%, Good:15%, Average:5%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2014/2015California Suite (U)US 1978 103minsExcellent:7%, Very good:27%, Good:30%, Average:19%, Poor:18% Comments2.7
2014/2015Nebraska(15)US 2013 115minsExcellent44%, Very good:31%, Good:22%, Average:1%, Poor:1% Comments4.1
2014/2015Blancanieves* (12A)Spain 2012 104minsExcellent:25%, Very good:40%, Good:27%, Average:8%, Poor:0% Comments3.8
2014/2015Calvary(15)Ireland 2014 100minsExcellent:45%, Very good:37%, Good:16%, Average:1%, Poor:1% Comments4.2
2014/2015Of Horses and Men*(15)Iceland 2013 81minsExcellent:16%, Very good:29%, Good:35%, Average:13%, Poor:6% Comments3.3
2014/2015The Selfish Giant(15)UK 2013 91minsExcellent:27%, Very good:27%, Good:37%, Average:5%, Poor:5% Comments3.6
2014/2015Wakolda* (PG)Argentina 2013 93minsExcellent:27%, Very good:30%, Good:36%, Average:5%, Poor:1% Comments3.7
2014/2015Wadjda* (PG)Saudi Arabia 2012 98minsExcellent:32%, Very good:43%, Good:20%, Average:3%, Poor:1% Comments4.0
2014/2015Omar*(15)Palestine 2013 96minsExcellent:30%, Very good:35%, Good:32%, Average:3%, Poor:0% Comments3.9
2014/2015Le Weekend(15)UK 2013 93mins Excellent:21%, Very good:26%, Good:29%, Average:17%, Poor:8% Comments3.3
2014/2015Elena*(15)Russia 2011 109minsExcellent:5%, Very good:20%, Good:31%, Average:37%, Poor:7% Comments2.7
2014/2015Lilting(15)US 2014 86minsExcellent:24%, Very good:36%, Good:25%, Average:14%, Poor:2% Comments3.6
2013/2014In Love With Alma Cogan (12A)UK 2011 99mins
2013/2014Beasts of the Southern Wild (12A)USA 2012 93minsExcellent:19%, Good:21%, Average:35%, Disappointing:22%, Poor:2% Comments3.3
2013/2014Rust and Bone*(12A)France 2012 120minsExcellent:24%, Good:38%, Average:25%, Disappointing:12%, Poor:1% Comments3.7
2013/2014Amour* (12A)France 2012 127minsExcellent:44%, Good:13%, Average:29%, Disappointing:9%, Poor:4% Comments3.8
2013/2014Broken (15)UK 2013 91minsExcellent:38%, Good:36%, Average:13%, Disappointing:11%, Poor:2% Comments4.0
2013/2014Paris, Manhattan* (12A)France 2013 77minsExcellent:23%, Good:33%, Average:33%, Disappointing:8%, Poor:3% Comments3.6
2013/2014Sightseers (15)UK 2013 88minsExcellent:20%, Good:30%, Average:28%, Disappointing:12%, Poor:10% Comments3.3
2013/2014Untouchable* (15)France 2011 112minsExcellent:72%, Good:21%, Average:7%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2013/2014A Hijacking* (15)Denmark 2013 103minsExcellent:25%, Good:41%, Average:28%, Disappointing:5%, Poor:2% Comments3.8
2013/2014The Deep* (12A)Iceland 2013 95minsExcellent:18%, Good:47%, Average:30%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:2% Comments3.7
2013/2014Red Dog (PG)Australia 2011 92minsExcellent:29%, Good:29%, Average:30%, Disappointing:5%, Poor:8% Comments3.6
2013/2014The Master (15)USA 2012 144minsExcellent:3%, Good:12%, Average:18%, Disappointing:28%, Poor:39% Comments1.7
2013/2014Beware of Mr Baker (15)USA 2013 100minsExcellent:30%, Good:34%, Average:23%, Disappointing:10%, Poor:4% Comments3.7
2013/2014I Wish* (PG)Japan 2011 128minsExcellent:18%, Good:25%, Average:33%, Disappointing:15%, Poor:8% Comments3.2
2013/2014Scarecrow (18)USA 1973 2012minsExcellent:16%, Good:33%, Average:28%, Disappointing:19%, Poor:4% Comments3.3
2013/2014Caesar Must Die* (12A)Italy 2013 76minsExcellent:25%, Good:36%, Average:31%, Disappointing:8%, Poor:0% Comments3.8
2013/2014Silver Linings Playbook (15)USA 2012 122minsExcellent:35%, Good:37%, Average:18%, Disappointing:9%, Poor:1% Comments4.0
2013/2014Reality*(15)Italy 2012 116minsExcellent:2%, Good:10%, Average:27%, Disappointing:35%, Poor:27% Comments2.0
2013/2014Barbara* (12A)Germany 2012 105minsExcellent:26%, Good:46%, Average:26%, Disappointing:1%, Poor:1% Comments3.9
2013/2014Frances Ha (15)US 2012 86minsExcellent:9%, Good:16%, Average:34%, Disappointing:28%, Poor:13% Comments2.7
2012/2013The ArtistUS 2011 100 minsExcellent:69%, Good:28%, Average:3%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2012/2013Las Acacias*Argentina 2011 82 minsExcellent:30%, Good:50%, Average:13%, Disappointing:6%, Poor:1% Comments4.0
2012/2013BeginnersUSA 2010 105minsExcellent:30%, Good:47%, Average:11%, Disappointing:12%, Poor:0% Comments3.9
2012/2013Potiche*France 2010 103minsExcellent:55%, Good:32%, Average:9%, Disappointing:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.4
2012/2013CarnageUS 2011 80minsExcellent:62%, Good:29%, Average:7%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
2012/2013The Kid with a BikeMexico 2010 82minsExcellent:31%, Good:50%, Average:16%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:1% Comments4.1
2012/2013The DebtUSA 2010 113minsExcellent:57%, Good:33%, Average:7%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:1% Comments4.4
2012/2013Sarah’s KeyMexico 2010 148minsExcellent:62%, Good:24%, Average:13%, Disappointing:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
2012/2013The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie*France 1972 102minsExcellent:20%, Good:34%, Average:25%, Disappointing:17%, Poor:4% Comments3.4
2012/2013Midnight in ParisUSA 2011 94minsExcellent:71%, Good:20%, Average:7%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2012/2013We need to Talk About KevinUk 2011 112minsExcellent:59%, Good:41%, Average:0%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2012/2013IncendiesCanada 2010 130minsExcellent:62%, Good:36%, Average:2%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2012/2013CoriolanusUK 2011 123minsExcellent:57%, Good:29%, Average:8%, Disappointing:6%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
2012/2013A Separation*Iran 2011 123minsExcellent:43%, Good:48%, Average:5%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
2012/2013Nostalgia for the Light*Chile 2010 90minsExcellent:36%, Good:39%, Average:11%, Disappointing:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.0
2012/2013The extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec*France 2010 107 minsExcellent:48%, Good:33%, Average:8%, Disappointing:8%, Poor:3% Comments4.1
2012/2013The GuardIreland 2011 96minsExcellent:59%, Good:35%, Average:3%, Disappointing:3%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
2012/2013The Source*Arabic 2011 135minsExcellent:59%, Good:41%, Average:0%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2012/2013Martha Marcy May MarlineUS 2011 102minsExcellent:7%, Good:33%, Average:16%, Disappointing:24%, Poor:20% Comments2.6
2012/2013Monsieur LazharCanada 2011 94minsExcellent:61%, Good:39%, Average:0%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2011/2012The Kids Are All RightUS 2010 106minsExcellent:36%, Good:43%, Average:11%, Disappointing:6%, Poor:4% Comments4.0
2011/2012Micmacs*France 2009 105minsExcellent:59%, Good:28%, Average:6%, Disappointing:6%, Poor:2% Comments4.4
2011/2012Still walking*Japan 2008 114minsExcellent:29%, Good:54%, Average:13%, Disappointing:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2011/2012Blue ValentineUS 2010 112minsExcellent:22%, Good:35%, Average:22%, Disappointing:15%, Poor:7% Comments3.4
2011/2012Winters BoneUS 2010 100minsExcellent:24%, Good:57%, Average:17%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:0% Comments4.0
2011/2012Abel*Mexico 2010 82minsExcellent:28%, Good:61%, Average:10%, Disappointing:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2011/2012The Secret in Their Eyes*Argentina 2009 129minsExcellent:76%, Good:23%, Average:0%, Disappointing:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2011/2012Biutiful*Mexico 2010 148minsExcellent:41%, Good:41%, Average:6%, Disappointing:10%, Poor:3% Comments4.0
2011/2012Black SwanUK 2010 108minsExcellent:42%, Good:30%, Average:10%, Disappointing:13%, Poor:4% Comments3.9
2011/2012Oil City ConfidentialUK 2009 104minsExcellent:73%, Good:23%, Average:3%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2011/2012ChinatownUS 1974 130minsExcellent:70%, Good:25%, Average:5%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2011/2012I Am Love*Italy 2009 120minsExcellent:34%, Good:53%, Average:10%, Disappointing:3%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2011/2012Chico and Rita*Spain 2010 94minsExcellent:51%, Good:36%, Average:12%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:1% Comments4.4
2011/2012Life during wartime*Italy 2009 98minsExcellent:12%, Good:36%, Average:36%, Disappointing:8%, Poor:8% Comments3.3
2011/2012Of Gods and Men*France 2010 122minsExcellent:69%, Good:28%, Average:3%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:8% Comments4.7
2011/2012Father of my children*France 2009 110minsExcellent:29%, Good:51%, Average:14%, Disappointing:3%, Poor:3% Comments4.0
2011/2012Norwegian Wood*Japan 2010 133minsExcellent:20%, Good:38%, Average:20%, Disappointing:14%, Poor:8% Comments3.4
2011/2012Oranges and SunshineUk 2010 ?minsExcellent:83%, Good:13%, Average:4%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.8
2011/2012Inside JobUS 2010 120minsExcellent:53%, Good:38%, Average:6%, Disappointing:3%, Poor:0% Comments4.4
2011/2012Another YearUK 2010 129minsExcellent:48%, Good:42%, Average:6%, Disappointing:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
2010/2011An EducationUK 2009 100minsExcellent:70%, Good:26%, Average:3%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:1% Comments4.6
2010/2011Frozen RiverUSA 2008 97minsExcellent:37%, Good:60%, Average:3%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
2010/2011A Serious ManUSA 2009 106minsExcellent:24%, Good:36%, Average:19%, Disappointing:19%, Poor:2% Comments3.6
2010/2011Seraphine*France 2008 125minsExcellent:55%, Good:38%, Average:7%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
2010/2011Samson and DelilahAustralia 2009 101minsExcellent:34%, Good:41%, Average:9%, Disappointing:13%, Poor:3% Comments3.9
2010/2011Mother*South Korea 2009 128minsExcellent:36%, Good:54%, Average:6%, Disappointing:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2010/2011Sex and Drugs and Rock and RollUK 2010 115minsExcellent:67%, Good:29%, Average:4%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2010/2011The Last StationUK 2009 112minsExcellent:67%, Good:29%, Average:3%, Disappointing:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2010/2011DoubtUSA 2009 104minsExcellent:57%, Good:33%, Average:6%, Disappointing:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.4
2010/2011MoonUK 2009 97minsExcellent:27%, Good:40%, Average:15%, Disappointing:13%, Poor:5% Comments3.7
2010/2011MGermany 1931 108minsExcellent:24%, Good:50%, Average:11%, Disappointing:11%, Poor:5% Comments3.7
2010/2011The White Ribbon*Austria 2009 144minsExcellent:49%, Good:37%, Average:12%, Disappointing:1%, Poor:1% Comments4.3
2010/2011Bright StarUK 2009 119minsExcellent:51%, Good:39%, Average:8%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:1% Comments4.4
2010/2011Vicky Christina BarcelonaSpain 2008 96minsExcellent:38%, Good:51%, Average:9%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
2010/2011Hurt LockerUSA 2008 131minsExcellent:66%, Good:25%, Average:8%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2010/2011The Concert*France 2009 119minsExcellent:73%, Good:23%, Average:3%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2010/2011Il Divo*Italy 2008 110minsExcellent:16%, Good:34%, Average:22%, Disappointing:24%, Poor:3% Comments3.3
2010/2011Beyond the poleUK 2009 87minsExcellent:14%, Good:42%, Average:28%, Disappointing:13%, Poor:3% Comments3.5
2010/2011Tulpan*Kazakhstan 2008 100minsExcellent:23%, Good:59%, Average:17%, Disappointing:6%, Poor:1% Comments3.9
2010/2011Saturday Night and Sunday MorningUK 1960 89minsExcellent:65%, Good:35%, Average:0%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2009/2010Burn After Reading (15)USA/UK/France 2008 1 hr 36 minsExcellent:51%, Good:39%, Average:4%, Disappointing:6%, Poor:0%4.4
2009/2010Revolutionary Road (15)USA/UK 2008 1 hr 59 minsExcellent:33%, Good:52%, Average:13%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:0%4.1
2009/2010Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame (PG)Iran/France 2007 1 hour 21 minsExcellent:33%, Good:48%, Average:11%, Disappointing:8%, Poor:0%4.1
2009/2010Heavy Load (12A)UK/USA/Finland 2008 1 hr 31 minsExcellent:49%, Good:47%, Average:2%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:2%4.4
2009/2010Cherry BlossomGermany/France 2008 2 hr 7 minsExcellent:66%, Good:31%, Average:3%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0%4.6
2009/2010Gomorrah (15)Italy 2008 1 hr 37 minsExcellent:14%, Good:46%, Average:12%, Disappointing:16%, Poor:12%3.2
2009/2010Happy Go Lucky (15)UK/USA 2007 1 hr 58 minsExcellent:31%, Good:40%, Average:24%, Disappointing:3%, Poor:2%4
2009/2010The Age Of StupidUK 2008 1 hr 32 minsExcellent:40%, Good:40%, Average:11%, Disappointing:8%, Poor:1%4.2
2009/2010Great Global Warming SwindleUK 2007 1 hr 14 mins
2009/2010Fahrenheit 451USA 1966 1 hr 52minsExcellent:30%, Good:50%, Average:11%, Disappointing:9%, Poor:0%4
2009/2010Monsieur Hulot's HolidayFrance/USA 1953 1hr 53 Excellent:55%, Good:39%, Average:6%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0%4.5
2009/2010In Bruges (18)USA/UK/Germany 2007 1 hr 47 minsExcellent:73%, Good:26%, Average:0%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:1%4.7
2009/2010Waltz With Bashir (18)Israel et al. 2008 1 hr 27 minsExcellent:41%, Good:49%, Average:2%, Disappointing:7%, Poor:0%4.2
2009/2010Soul Power (12A)USA 2008 1 hr 33 minsExcellent:36%, Good:36%, Average:20%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:6%3.8
2009/2010Tokyo Sonata (12A)Netherlands/Hong Kong/Japan 2008 2 hrsminsExcellent:23%, Good:55%, Average:12%, Disappointing:8%, Poor:2%3.9
2009/2010The Class (18)France 2008 2 hr 10 Excellent:48%, Good:46%, Average:4%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:2% Comments4.4
2009/2010Let's Talk About The Rain (12A)France 2008 1 hr 39 minsExcellent:29%, Good:44%, Average:21%, Disappointing:4%, Poor:1% Comments3.9
2009/2010Encounters At The End Of The WorldUSA/Canada 2007 1 hr 39 minsExcellent:37%, Good:46%, Average:11%, Disappointing:6%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
2009/2010Fugitive Pieces (15)Canada/Greece 2007 1 hr 44 minsExcellent:69%, Good:25%, Average:4%, Disappointing:1%, Poor:0% Comments4.6
2009/2010Of Time And The City (12A)UK 2008 1 hr 14 minsExcellent:40%, Good:38%, Average:17%, Disappointing:2%, Poor:3% Comments4.1
2009/2010Frost/Nixon (15)USA/UK/France 2008 2 hr 2 minsExcellent:75%, Good:24%, Average:1%, Disappointing:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.7
2009/2010Britain at BayUK 90mins
2008/2009There Will Be BloodUSA 2007 158mins
2008/2009The Singer*France 2006 112mins
2008/2009La vie en rose*France 2007 140mins
2008/2009Kite Runner*USA 2007 128mins
2008/2009PenelopeUK 2006 104mins
2008/2009The Story of the Weeping Camel*Germany 2003 87mins
2008/2009The Last Mistress*France 2007 104mins
2008/2009My brother is an only child*Italy 2007 100mins
2008/2009It's a Wonderful LifeUSA 1946 130mins
2008/2009JunoUSA 2007 96mins
2008/2009Away From HerCanada 2006 210mins
2008/2009Diving Bell and the Butterfly*France 2007 112mins
2008/2009Michael ClaytonUSA 2007 119mins
2008/2009Lady Chatterley*Belgium 2006 168mins
2008/2009I'm Not ThereUSA 2007 135mins
2008/2009Valley of ElahUSA 2007 121mins
2008/2009Mountain patrol*China 2004 90mins
2008/2009Talk to MeUSA 2007 118mins
2008/2009Persepolis*France 2007 95mins
2008/2009The Orphanage*Mexico 2007 105mins
2008/2009The 60th birthday film - Great ExpectationsUK 1946 118mins
2007/2008Black Book*Germany 2006 145mins
2007/2008Page Turner*France 2006 85mins
2007/2008InfamousUSA 2006 110mins
2007/2008After the Wedding*Denmark 2006 120mins
2007/2008Cave of the Yellow Dog*Mongolia 2006 93mins
2007/2008Thank you for SmokingUSA 2005 92mins
2007/2008Volver*Spain 2006 121mins
2007/2008Tell No One*France 2006 125mins
2007/2008Little Miss SunshineUSA 2006 101mins
2007/2008The QueenUK 2006 103mins
2007/2008Pan's Labyrinth*Spain 2006 119mins
2007/2008Last King of ScotlandUK 2006 121mins
2007/2008Notes on a ScandalUK 2006 92mins
2007/2008The Lives of Others*Germany 2006 137mins
2007/2008PierrepointUK 2005 90mins
2007/2008Legacy*France 2006 77mins
2007/2008JindabyneAustralia 2006 123mins
2007/2008Belle de Jour*France 1967 101mins
2007/2008Half NelsonUSA 2006 106mins
2007/2008The Wind that Shakes the BarleyUK 2006 127mins
2007/2008Family Friend*Italy 2006 108mins
2006/2007Beat That My Heart Skipped*France 2005 107mins
2006/2007Hidden*France 2005 117mins
2006/2007Where The Truth LiesCanada 2005 106 mins
2006/2007Broken FlowersUSA 2005 106 mins
2006/2007Shooting DogsUK 2005 115 mins
2006/2007Kings & Queen*France 2004 150 mins
2006/2007CrashUSA 2004 113 mins
2006/2007Maria Full of Grace*USA Spanish 2004 101 mins
2006/2007The Closet*France 2001 84mins
2006/2007Mrs Henderson PresentsUK 2005 103 mins
2006/2007Walk The LineUSA 2005 136 mins
2006/2007Brokeback MountainUSA 2005 134 mins
2006/2007Goodnight & Good LuckUSA 2005 93 mins
2006/2007KinseyUSA 2004 118 mins
2006/2007Seducing Dr Lewis*Canada 2003 108 mins
2006/2007Kinky BootsUSA 2005 107 mins
2006/2007Bombon El Perro*Argentina 2004 97 mins
2006/2007Saraband*Sweden 2003 120 mins
2006/2007Match PointUK 2005 124 mins
2006/2007 Inside I'm DancingUK 2004 104 mins
2006/2007 Dr Jekyll & Mr HydeUSA 1920 67 mins
2005/2006Vera DrakeUK 2004 125mins
2005/2006Etre et AvoirFrance 2002 104mins
2005/2006Ae Fond KissUK 2004 104mins
2005/2006Downfall *Germany 2004 156mins
2005/2006My Summer of LoveUK 2004 86mins
2005/2006Goodbye Lenin *Germany 2003 121mins
2005/2006Finding Neverland UK/USA 2004 106mins
2005/2006Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindUS 2004 108mins
2005/2006Consequences of Love*Italy 2004 100mins
2005/2006Melinda MelindaUS 2004 100mins
2005/2006Look at Me*France 2004 110mins
2005/20065x2*France 2004 90mins
2005/2006Hotel RwandaUK 2004 121mins
2005/2006In My Fathers DenNZ 2004 128mins
2005/2006Lilya 4 Ever*Sweden 2002 109mins
2005/2006Twin Sisters*Netherlands 2002 129mins
2005/2006The WoodsmanUS 2004 87mins
2005/2006Million Dollar BabyUS 2004 132mins
2005/2006The Return*Russia 2003 105mins
2005/2006SidewaysUS 2004 123mins
2005/2006Edukators*Germany 2004 127mins