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Average score

2 Oct 2019Can You Ever Forgive me   15

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Marielle HellerUSA 2018 106mins Excellent:30%, Very good:49%, Good:17%, Average:4%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
9 Oct 2019Cold War   15*

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Pawel PawlikowskiPoland 2018 89mins Excellent:41%, Very good:27%, Good:25%, Average:7%, Poor:0%4.0
16 Oct 2019Disobedience   15

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Sebastián LelioIreland 2017 114mins Excellent:18%, Very good:47%, Good:22%, Average:9%, Poor:4% Comments3.6
23 Oct 2019Shoplifters  15*

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Hirokazu KoreedaJapan 2018 121mins Excellent:22%, Very good:29%, Good:35%, Average:14%, Poor:0% Comments3.6
30 Oct 2019Blackkklansman  15

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Spike LeeUSA 2018 135mins Excellent:40%, Very good:38%, Good:19%, Average:2%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
6 Nov 2019Ash is the purest White   15*

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Zhangke JiaChina 2018 136mins Excellent:8%, Very good:14%, Good:41%, Average:27%, Poor:10% Comments2.7
20 Nov 2019
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The Guardians  15*

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Xavier BeauvoisFrance 2017 138mins Excellent:23%, Very good:42%, Good:34%, Average:2%, Poor:0% 3.8
11 Dec 2019Girlhood  15*

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Céline SciammaFrance 2014 113mins Excellent:2%, Very good:24%, Good:34%, Average:32%, Poor:7% Comments2.8
18 Dec 2019Green Book   12

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Peter FarrellyUSA 2018 130mins Excellent:78%, Very good:22%, Good:0%, Average:0%, Poor:0% 4.8
29 Jan 2020Wild Rose   15

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Tom HarperUK 2018 101mins Excellent:35%, Very good:36%, Good:23%, Average:6%, Poor:0% 4.0
5 Feb 2020Maudie 12A

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Aisling WalshIreland 2016 115mins Excellent:63%, Very good:28%, Good:6%, Average:2%, Poor:2% Comments4.5
12 Feb 2020Dogman  15*

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Matteo GarroneItaly 2018 103mins Excellent:6%, Very good:24%, Good:31%, Average:20%, Poor:19% Comments2.6
19 Feb 2020Apostasy  PG

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Daniel KokotajloUK 2017 95mins Excellent:9%, Very good:23%, Good:40%, Average:17%, Poor:11% Comments2.9
26 Feb 2020Beats  18

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Chris RobinsonUSA 2019 109mins Excellent:15%, Very good:9%, Good:52%, Average:11%, Poor:13% Comments2.9
4 Mar 2020The Third Wife 15*

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Ash MayfairVietnam 2018 96mins Excellent:9%, Very good:15%, Good:43%, Average:32%, Poor:2% 2.9
11 Mar 2020The Old Man and the Gun 12

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David LoweryUSA 2018 93mins Excellent:17%, Very good:24%, Good:46%, Average:11%, Poor:1% Comments3.4
18 Mar 2020 Cancelled Capernaum   15*

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Nadine LabakiLebanon 2018 126mins
25 Mar 2020 Cancelled Woman at War  12A*

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Benedikt ErlingssonIceland 2018 101mins
1 Apr 2020 Cancelled The Farewell  PG

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Lulu WangChina 2019 100mins
8 Apr 2020 Cancelled Fighting With My Family  12

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Stephen MerchantUK 2019 108mins

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