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23 Oct 2023The Banshees of Inisherin - 15

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Martin McDonaghIreland 2022 114mins Excellent:50%, Very good:29%, Good:9%, Average:9%, Poor:3% 4.1
30 Oct 2023Are you there God it's Me Margaret - PG

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Kelly Fremon CraigUS 2023 106mins Excellent:42%, Very good:26%, Good:29%, Average:3%, Poor:0% 4.1
6 Nov 2023Living - 12A

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Oliver HermanusUK 2022 102mins Excellent:47%, Very good:33%, Good:20%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
20 Nov 2023Broker* -12A

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Hirokazu KoreedaSouth Korea 2022 129mins Excellent:16%, Very good:24%, Good:35%, Average:19%, Poor:5% 3.2
27 Nov 2023Judas and the Black Messiah - 15

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Shaka KingUS 2021 126mins Excellent:25%, Very good:33%, Good:30%, Average:13%, Poor:0% Comments3.7
4 Dec 2023Lunana The Yak in the Classroom*

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Pawo Choyning DorjiBhutan 2019 110mins Excellent:79%, Very good:20%, Good:2%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.8
29 Jan 2024Utama*

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Alejandro Loayza GrisiBolivia 2022 87mins Excellent:31%, Very good:31%, Good:26%, Average11%, Poor:0% Comments3.8
5 Feb 2024Official Competition* - 15

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Mariano CohnSpain 2021 115mins Excellent:21%, Very good:26%, Good:32%, Average:5%, Poor:16% Comments3.2
12 Feb 2024Grave Digger's Wife*

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Khadar Ayderus AhmedFinland 2021 82mins Excellent:21%, Very good:43%, Good:29%, Average:7%, Poor:0% Comments3.8
19 Feb 2024The Great Escaper - 12A

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Oliver ParkerUK 2023 96mins Excellent:50%, Very good:32%, Good:16%, Average:2%, Poor:0% Comments4.3
26 Feb 2024She Said - 15

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Maria SchraderUS 2022 129mins Excellent:47%, Very good:40%, Good:12%, Average:2%, Poor:0% 4.3
4 Mar 2024I'm Your Man* - 15

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Maria SchraderGermany 2021 108mins Excellent:23%, Very good:61%, Good:16%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
11 Mar 2024Quo Vadas Aida - 15

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Jasmila ZbanicBosnia 2020 101mins Excellent:57%, Very good:22%, Good:19%, Average:3%, Poor:0% 4.3
18 Mar 2024The Beasts*

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Rodrigo SorogoyenSpain 2022 137mins Excellent:27%, Very good:18%, Good:43%, Average:10%, Poor:2% Comments3.6
25 Mar 2024The Good Boss*

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Fernando Leon de AranoaSpain 2021 116mins Excellent:29%, Very good:41%, Good:27%, Average:4%, Poor:0% Comments3.9
2 Apr 2024Marcel the Shell With Shoes On - PG

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Dean Fleischer CampUS 2021 90mins Excellent:13%, Very good:18%, Good:33%, Average:23%, Poor:13% Comments2.8
8 Apr 2024Drawn to War

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Margy KinmonthUK 2022 87mins Excellent:61%, Very good:30%, Good:9%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
15 Apr 2024Cinema Paradiso* - 12

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Giuseppe TornatoreItaly 1988 155mins Excellent:52%, Very good:29%, Good:19%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.3

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