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3rd Oct 2018Three billboards 15

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Martin McDonaghUSA 2017 115mins Excellent:59%, Very good:28%, Good:10%, Average:2%, Poor:2% Comments4.4
10th Oct 2018Death of Stalin 15

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Armando IannucciUSA 2017 107mins Excellent:25%, Very good:32%, Good:13%, Average:16%, Poor:14% Comments3.2
17th Oct 2018Crowhurst 12A

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Simon RumleyUK 2018 103mins Excellent:5%, Very good:32%, Good:27%, Average:23%, Poor:14% Comments2.7
24th Oct 2018Happy End 15

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Michael HanekeFrance 2017 107mins Excellent:2%, Very good:12%, Good:52%, Average:24%, Poor:10% Comments2.6
31st Oct 2018A Ghost Story 12

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David LoweryUSA 2017 92mins Excellent:6%, Very good:6%, Good:17%, Average:41%, Poor:30% Comments1.9
14th Nov 2018Loveless 15 *

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Andrey ZvyagintsevRussia 2017 127mins Excellent:24%, Very good:32%, Good:39%, Average:5%, Poor:00% Comments3.7
21st Nov 2018Florida Project 15

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Sean BakerUSA 2017 111 mins Excellent:2%, Very good:27%, Good:27%, Average:29%, Poor:15% Comments2.6
5th Dec 2018
AGM at 7:15pm
Loving Vincent 12

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Dorota KobielaUK 2017 94mins Excellent:62%, Very good:28%, Good:5%, Average:0%, Poor:5% Comments4.4
12th Dec 2018Sweet Country 15

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Warwick ThorntonUSA 2017 113mins Excellent:26%, Very good:42%, Good:29%, Average:3%, Poor:0% Comments3.9
19th Dec 2018
(double bill)
Duck Soup U

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Leo McCareyUSA 1933 68mins Excellent:16%, Very good:20%, Good:33%, Average:11%, Poor:20% Comments2.8
2nd Jan 2019Films Stars don’t die in Liverpool 15

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Paul McGuiganUK 2017 105mins Excellent:30%, Very good:42%, Good:22%, Average:6%, Poor:0% Comments4.0
7th Jan 2019

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Hotel Salvation 12 *

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Shubhashish BhutianiIndia 2016 102mins Excellent:24%, Very good:33%, Good:35%, Average:6%, Poor:2% Comments3.7
30th Jan 2019The Children Act 15

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Richard EyreUK 2017 105mins Excellent:54%, Very good:21%, Good:16%, Average:6%, Poor:3% Comments4.1
6th Feb 2019The Breadwinner PG

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Nora TwomeyIreland 2017 94mins Excellent:40%, Very good:40%, Good:15%, Average:6%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
13th Feb 2019Leave No Trace PG

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Debra GranikUSA 2018 109mins Excellent:24%, Very good:44%, Good:25%, Average:6%, Poor:1% Comments3.8
20th Feb 2019Lean on Pete 15

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Andrew HaighUSA 2017 121mins
27th Feb 2019Wonderstruck PG

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Todd HaynesUSA 2017 116mins
6th Mar 2019Moonlight 15

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Barry JenkinsUSA 2016 111mins
13th Mar 2019In the Fade 18 *

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Fatih AkinGermany 2017 106mins
20th Mar 2019
Under the tree 15

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Hafsteinn Gunnar SiguršssonIceland 2017 89mins

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