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3/4 Oct 2017Lion  (PG)

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Garth DavisAustralia 2016 118mins Excellent:44%, Very good:30%, Good:16%, Average:10%, Poor:0% Comments4.1
10/11 Oct 2017The Commune (15) *

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Thomas VinterbergDenmark 2016 111mins Excellent:5%, Very good:19%, Good:42%, Average:24%, Poor:`0% Comments2.7
17/18 Oct 2017Hunt for the Wilderpeople (12)

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Taika WaititiNZ 2016 101mins Excellent:43%, Very good:33%, Good:16%, Average:6%, Poor:3% Comments4.0
25/25 Oct 2017Paterson (15)

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Jim JarmuschUS 2016 118mins Excellent:9%, Very good:17%, Good:26%, Average:26%, Poor:22% Comments2.4
31 Oct/1 Nov 2017Under the Shadow (15)

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Babak AnvariIran 2016 84mins Excellent:9%, Very good:32%, Good:35%, Average:14%, Poor:11% Comments3.0
7/8 Nov 2017

AGM at 7:15 on the 7th
The Black Hen (12)*

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Min Bahadur BhamNepal 2016 90mins Excellent:2%, Very good:9%, Good:49%, Average:29%, Poor:11% Comments2.5
14/15 Nov 2017Sully (12)

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Clint EastwoodUS 2016 96mins Excellent:51%, Very good:25%, Good:15%, Average:9%, Poor:0% Comments4.2
21/22 Nov 2017La Famille Belier (12)*

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Eric LartigauFrance 2014 106mins Excellent:58%, Very good:36%, Good:6%, Average:0%, Poor:0% Comments4.5
28/29 Nov 2017I Am Not Your Negro (E)

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Raoul PeckUS 2016 96mins Excellent:23%, Very good:23%, Good:41%, Average:10%, Poor:3% Comments3.5
5/6 Dec 2017Program Change
9/10 Jan 2018Manchester by the Sea  (15)

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Kenneth LonerganUS 2016 137mins Excellent:44%, Very good:31%, Good:12%, Average:8%, Poor:5% Comments3.9
16/17 Jan 2018The Eagle Huntress (E)

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Otto BellUK 2016 87mins
23/24 Jan 2018Mindhorn (15)

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Sean FoleyUK 2016 89mins
30/31 Jan 2018Frantz (12A)*

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François OzonGermany 2016 113mins
6/7 Feb 2018The Olive Tree (15)*

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Icíar BollaínSpain 2016 100mins
13/14 Feb 2018A Man Called Ove (PG) *

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Hannes HolmSweden 2015 116mins
20/21 Feb 2018Fences  (12)

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Denzel WashingtonUS 2016 139mins
27/28 Feb 2018Graduation  (PG) *

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Cristian MungiuRomania 2016 128mins
6/7 Mar 2018Berlin Syndrome  (15)

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Cate ShortlandAustralia 2017 116mins
13/14 Mar 2018Lady Macbeth (15)

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William OldroydUK 2016 89mins

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